Behind The Curtain

Serving others is what brings us joy.

It’s difficult to ruin great food… It’s more difficult to make inexpensive food taste great.

People are more IMPORTANT than computers.

National branded items are ALWAYS a choice with Palmers.

Our New District Manager Kurt Smith can do over 20 pushups.

Need a Leprechaun for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Our Buffalo District Manager is available to dress up and come support your event!

Price only matters when everything else is the same.

We have a partner who uses 2400 tons OR 4.8 million pounds of Export Ribs. He states it’s because of quality.

You don’t have to go online for reporting… We will do it for you.

Our steaks and burgers are really really tasty.

Don’t ruin a great burger with an ok roll.

Reducing your vendors will increase your profits and lower your costs.

We are the only family owned independent broadliner in Rochester.

At the end of the day it’s all about Values: Honesty & Integrity / Family & Community / Collaboration & Teamwork / Compassion / Dependability & Loyalty / Collaboration & Teamwork / Service & Excellence

Yield matters more than the price of the product. Quality/Yield/Taste/Consistency

We treat people how they want to be treated.

Without a sale food cost percentage, beverage costs, labor costs don’t even exist.

A purchase is a two way street.