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Tony D's

"Palmer's is more than a vendor or purveyor. Here at Tony D’s we have used Palmer’s as our main purveyor since day one and in those 10 years Palmer's has proven to be far more than just another foodservice company, they have been a partner and a friend. Their products are unparalelled - the ONLY distributor of Certified Angus Beef in this area - and the service is beyond compare. They stand behind every product they sell and work with us to make sure that everything works for the betterment and convenience of our restaurant from delivery schedules to pricing. They are as committed to our success as we are.  Kip and Amy Palmer are people of great integrity and it shines through the entire structure. It’s easy to see why they have been such a multi generational successful business that has expanded well beyond what the founding Palmers’ could have ever conceived and yet remained true to their hometown local roots.  I can’t imagine a better company to do business with."

 Jay Speranza, Chef and Proprietor of Tony D's
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Shamus Restaurant

"Palmer Food Services is a company dedicated to providing great service. Shamus Restaurant in Lockport NY, had our first annual outdoor St. Patricks Day party. Shamus served 500 customers in our dining room and had approximately 800 guests outside for the celebration. Palmer met with the Chef and I on many occasions to help coordinate the party providing many extra services above and beyond our expectations. John Cocca surprised us by dressing up as a leprechaun, undoubtedly going beyond his job description at Palmer food. Palmer has provided customer service superior to any food provider I have had in my 28 years of business at Shamus, and I look forward to many years ahead."

 Ann Murphy at Shamus Restaurant
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58 Main

When asked why we do business with Palmer's this is why…

We have been a proud partner with Palmer's since 2000.  Palmer's has made this possible through continuous support whenever needed.  They truly treat you like a partner which you will hear come out of Kip’s (Owner) mouth as well as through his entire staff. From their trustworthy sales reps, to the brokers that come to show us new innovations in the food service industry, Palmer's puts its clients at the forefront of the industry.

 It comes very easily for me when I am approached by other restaurant owners looking for a food purveyor recommendation.  Easy...Palmer's, why?  There is a famous story I like to share with them.... Remember when the power grid crashed, I believe in 2003, I was using 3 food purveyors at that point in my career, without mentioning names, the other two national food service accounts called and were wondering if I was going to place an order, mind you I was most likely giving them a good portion of our business at that time, "Well seeing how I don't have power I am not really interested in placing an order" .  Palmer's calls shortly later, I readily geared to express my thoughts on placing an order, was suddenly halted.  "Hi Marc, Palmer's is obviously aware of the current power grid crash and we were wondering if you would like us to send a refrigeration truck to help minimize any losses". Shortly after the power grid was repaired, I went with one company and am proud to say that Palmer's has been my sole food purveyor since. If that doesn't express the caliber of a company that Kip & the entire Palmer family give to their clients than I’m not sure what else I could say to convince you otherwise. 

Working with Palmer's gives me the sense of security that I appreciate. 

There are moments when I’m asked by other restaurant owners, “What are you paying for (insert item here)?” My typical response is “I’m not completely sure, I trust my salesman (Pernicano of course lol), and I also know it’s the best price Palmer’s can give me, and that is all I need.”

Yes, this business can sometimes be defined on finding the best prices and negotiating to get them, but with Palmer’s I don’t have to waste my time on that and I am free to concentrate on the other important factors that create a successful business!

It's always nice to know you aren't doing this alone and Palmer's is more than willing and have the right tools in place to help get restaurants the quality food, timely deliveries, chef and menu creation assistance, and many other important behind the scene details that go into every successful restaurant business.

Marc Marcello, Owner of 58 Main
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