Stay Strong and Catering Capable

Stay Strong and Catering Capable

The Amazing People in our industry are not only survivors but We. Are. Warriors.

Stay strong and positive while adapting to this trying time. As you strategize to make the most of our circumstances, Palmer’s would like to convey to you that we are still Your Partner and we will continue to do the best we are able to Have Your Back.

  • Shifting to takeout means focusing on off-premise service. Use social media to promote your take-out, delivery and curbside pickup options.
  • With each order include a temporary menu with your hours of operation. Some operators have considered using tamper-evident packaging to give customers peace of mind.

You can order DayMark Tamper Seal stickers from us. (PFS #50879 (1 Week Lead Time) 24/500ct

  • Meals DON’T have to be HOT. Many places are pre-cooking then refrigerating dinners. The containers are microwavable with Heating Instruction stickers. This way you can create your meals during the day and sell them out at night.
  • Menu Design Services: Are you currently a customer? Do you need a new To-Go menu?
    • Contact your sales representative for our design and menu consultation services.
  • Cutting costs wherever prudent:
    • Scaling back menu items that are not easily produced, not as profitable or do not travel well.
  • We have many Family Style Foil Pans, Microwavable Containers, Foam & Cardboard Boxes 

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  • Is Coronavirus a Concern with Takeout?
    • NC State University Addresses Takeout Questions that many people are asking 

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How to Manage Your Restaurant During the Coronavirus